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I received my first review!

Yay!! I got my first review on my book!!! She really liked it! She gave it five stars!! I wish I was able to send her a message and thank her for the thought out review. It's my first review on my first book, so it really meant a lot to me! :D "A unique fantasy tale that the author did a wonderful job creating and describing the various characters, creatures, habitat, special powers, and made the reader envision them throughout the story. The story is a tale of young love, betrayal, death, and destruction, then with time comes new power, revenge, and a battle to conquer the evil forces and rise again. Roxas has been living and working in Esper under King Jasper Talos. She was given shelter and has remained hidden in plain sight. Roxas is the living Princess of Vera, a shifter, and the last of the royal bloodline. One costly mistake brought Hunters that killed her entire family and many of those she had loved before she was able to flee and seek asylum at the Crystal Palace
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Of Love & Make Believe Officially Published

The day is finally here! I am so excited and happy to know that of Love & Make Believe is now live! It has been an incredible journey to get where I am now. I am very happy that Blushing Books has taken me in and took a chance on publishing my first book. I am very happy with how it all turned out! I loved the people on my team, especially my editor. I was lucky to have an AMAZING editor. =) Sales for the ebook are $3.99 on the Blushing Books website and should be available on Amazon very soon. Print versions of the book should be available within a couple of months! I've also added in a link below to the blushing books website where you can read a sample chapter & the summary. As for book #2 it's already about a third of the way written, so I am hoping to have that done soon!

Of Love & Make Believe

I am very excited for the impending release of my first book Of Love & Make Believe. It is a part of The Ones We Left Behind series and I have already begun writing book #2 for the series. The release date will be in early June and I am just so very excited!